Write Like a Motherfucker by Cheryl Strayed

An accurate summary of every problem anyone’s ever tried to write has ever had. Wrapped up in lots of tough love and inspiration. It’s pretty long so I had to put up the READ MORE thing but I really do advise you to click if you’re having trouble with your writing.

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I’ve gotten to the point of writing where I wrote so much that Microsoft Word told me that it’s too long to show me when I’ve messed up spelling or grammar. Achievement unlocked.

What started as a good idea is now over 900 pages and still counting and I have so many transition scenes to write in. Dear God, please send me strength and motivation.

Also cheese. Thank you.

I think I’m going to name my writing style “Road Trip” because I know exactly where I want to go and what I want to do and what I think should happen but for some unexplained reason as I drive down to Florida, I end up taking the scenic route which involves riding through Texas before I remember I have to turn the car around because I missed my exit 15 chapters ago.

I really wish that people understood the difference between writing a problematic response to a real issue in a TV show or story and condoning said problematic response. There’s quite a big difference between writing the way that real people actually act and a writer expressing their personal point of view through a character’s behavior.

Because it sure would be nice if all our favorite characters were perfect in every way and all of their flaws were beautiful but real people don’t work like that.

So please, don’t automatically assume that the writer is saying “this comment/response was totally okay” just because life imitates art. 

I turn into Maria Hill/Colby Smulders whenever a character dies. Plot Twist: I was the one who killed them.

Nothing gives you more mixed feelings than killing off lots of characters like a slasher movie.

Let’s play “How Sleep Deprived Is This Writer?” 

I set up a grooveshark full of fast-paced battle songs. Time to write action sequences!

"Hm… what should I write… Maybe I’ll make a character suffer today."


It’s called cursive writing because, “What the fuck is…? Who the fuck wrote this?! And what the fuck letter is this? Are they writing in fucking Arabic?”

As a writer, I can’t decide if I like it when the author mentions the title of their book in the book itself or if I hate that with a burning passion.

I murder for fun and profit. In other words, I’m a writer.

Drabble Collection (So Far)

I’ve gotten a couple messages asking me how many drabbles I’ve done and where they are.

Since scrolling through lots of stuff to find my stuff might be difficult, I’ve uploaded the drabbles I’ve done so far for my original series Eager Rose up to my deviantart.

You can also take the time to read some of the other porn I’ve written which is mostly Teacup-related and frequently NSFW.


~ ~ ~ Drabble List ~ ~ ~

1. Captivate

2. The Pagoda: 16th District

3. Close To The Vest - WIP (NSFW)

Working On Drabble While Doing Homework


Am I the only one who gets inspired to make names of characters by reading about historical figures?